Deb Moseman

Metal Artist

Galleria Eclectica


The Artists:

1. Deb Galante- Graphic Artist                   

2. Raimonds Zvirbulis- Walking Sticks/Writer            

3. Ginny Linde- Glass Artist    

4. Madeline Thorpe- Water Coloring/Jewelry/Glass

5. Sharon Elliot- Wood Carver

6. Barbara Peacock- Clay

7. Gary Houston- Stoneware

8. Connie Alamat- Candle Artist

9. Rudolph Cavalier- Sculptor

10. Darlene Ryer- Custom Handmade Jewelry

11. Jenica McDonald- Anatomical Art

12. Teddy Hansen- Silversmith/Jewelry

13. Sandy Pendleton- Fused Glass Artist

14. Barb Davis- Photographer/Nature

15. Mark Reeves- Painter

16. Maija Zvirbulis- Jewelry

17. Annabelle Daniel- Jewelry

18. Norman Hodge- Photographer

19. Donna Maxwell- Jewelry/Wine Bottle Oil Lamps

20. Shirley Clark- Gourd Art/Pine Needle Baskets/Spinner

21. Bettie Moseman- Designer

22. Deb Moseman- Artist/Designer

Galleria Eclectica at Mosemanís Metalwerks is a unique gallery featuring the works of local artists. The unique nature of the work is only superseded by the variety and diversity found in one location. 

The Gallery came into being as a result of not only the needs of artists to display there work, but also based on the availability of space in the Mosemansí family owned business, Mosemanís Metalwerks.

Mosemanís Metalwerks is a family owned and operated metal design and fabrication company. We have been designing and manufacturing custom metal art for over 15 years. We offer a large selection of metal home and garden decor designs, metal wall hangings, indoor and outdoor wall art, inspirational metal art ornaments, whimsical metal art, and much, much more.

We specialize in custom design and welcome all ideas. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted to fit your needs. Feel free to stop by anytime to see our artists at work.

The Galleria Eclectica at Mosemanís Metalwerks is opening up our facility to our talented gallery artists and crafters to hold classes giving each one an opportunity to showcase their talents and pass their knowledge and expertise on to others. We believe that by opening the gallery for the classes, we will be doing our part to encourage the growth of the arts in the White Mountain Community.

The classes will include water color, candle and soap making, spinning, metal craft, pine needle basket weaving, jewelry artistry and more.

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