Deb Moseman

Metal Artist

Artist Statement

“My designs are the expression of my soul.

My inspiration comes from the many colors and elements that make up the earth.

My medium is metal, glass, and wood.”

I make art to enrich people’s lives. Drawing from the natural landscape, many of my designs have a warm and rusted finish. The creation of each piece starts from a general idea and evolves into a beautiful work of art as it is formed. The influence of the earth around me combined with my own artistic expression is the fuel which brings life to each piece and hopefully serves to enrich the lives of those that experience it.

Metal, glass and wood are materials of contradictions. They are all strong and durable, yet soft and impressionable. Working under the most extreme conditions, fire, sparks and noise, I find the process of working with these materials exciting and inspiring. It is like performing a dance or painting a masterpiece. Smooth curves and gleaming patinas render lifelike qualities to these materials, otherwise known for coldness and rigidity. The final product dazzles the mind and stirs the soul.”

-Deb Moseman

DSC_0059 DSC_0020
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